Welcome to Tails Photography, South East Queensland’s professional location-based pet photographers, servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & surrounds.

Home of the Tails Outdoor Studio.

A sample tryptic of Brisbane and Gold Coast based pet photography, Tails Photography.

At Tails Photography, we specialise in unique, location-based pet photography utilising both natural light and outdoor studio lighting.

Using nature as our backdrop, we photograph in all the wonderful environments South East Queensland has to offer: beach, forest, bush, park, urban. But most importantly, our photography takes place in locations that are meaningful to both you and your dog.

That’s what we’re all about here at Tails Photography. We pride ourselves on creating professional, high-quality artwork that captures the bond between you and your pets. Our lives are our animals, and we understand that yours are too.

Throughout our lifetimes, some of us are lucky to be blessed with the love of a pet. We understand that each and every pet you have is unique, with their own personalities and quirks. With our knowledge of dog training, behaviour and photography, we are experts at letting their individual personalities shine through.

Our clients, both pet, and human alike are always thrilled from their photography session and excited for their artwork. Your experience with Tails Photography is just that, an experience, one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Let us help you create memories to last a lifetime…

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