Benny & Lucas
September 1, 2017

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Benny the Labradoodle, his human brother, Lucas, and their dad, Martin, for at Short Tales Session. They were the lucky (and talented) winners of one of our donated prizes from Paws at the Park where they won the Best Trick competition with an awesome game of hide and seek. That's right, Benny can find you!

It was a lovely, mild afternoon on the Gold Coast when we first met the trio. Martin was getting Benny out of the car, while Lucas waited patiently for his turn. After chatting with Martin, we got the chance to get to know little Benny while Martin got Lucas ready for his afternoon adventure.

We were instantly smitten with Benny and it's not hard to see why. Not only was he smaller than we expected (most Labradoodles we've worked with have been a bit more on the Lab side, and a bit less on the Oodle), he was friendly, confident, cute as a button and oh so soft to pat.

Once Lucas was ready we were, unsurprisingly, instantly smitten with him as well. He opened the line of communication by asking our names and even renaming my assistant. She approved of the change.

Photography of Benny the assistant dog, in front of a sunset lit lake, Gold Coast.

As we strolled to the first photography location, Lucas made friends with everyone he met. He'd ask people their names, the names of their dog, tell them his and proudly announce that his dog, Benny, was a "Labradoodoo".

You see, Lucas and Benny have a very special relationship. Lucas is on the Autism spectrum and Benny is his assistance dog and best friend. He helps Lucas stay focused and comfortable when out and about, and it was obviously working. Lukey was the star of the park.

Lucas and his dog Benny, near a gold coast lake, by Tails Photography.

Martin and his family have trained Benny themselves, raising the money needed to fund this endeavour. It's no easy feat to train an assistance dog, but they've done an amazing job. Benny was confident, happy and an absolute breeze to work with.

For this photo session, we focused on a combination of pictures of Lucas and Benny together and portraits of Benny by himself. We worked at Lucas' pace, taking pictures when he felt up to it, and letting him do his own thing whenever he needed. He was a real champ, giving it his all.

Martin was also amazing. You could see his love for Lucas through the entire session. He even recited Lucas' favourite book to relax him and help him laugh.

It was great to be able to capture these memories and even more wonderful to see how much Lucas and Benny loved each other.

In the end, everyone went home happy and tired. Except maybe Benny. I think he still had a few hours of play left in him!

If you want to learn more about Benny and Lucas, head over to the Paws for Lucas page and check out our Facebook page for photos of their adventure with Tails.

Assistant dog Benny, photographed among the pine trees on the Gold Coast.

- The Tails Team

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