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May 21, 2018

Little Oscar. How could I not write about Oscar? That face, those ears… that fluff! He may be the quintessential puppy. Bouncy, cheeky and so unbelievably soft. Can you tell I’m a bit smitten?

We meet Oscar and his lovely people through Beacon Dog Training. Oscar has been learning his puppy manners and socialising to the big wide world for the past few weeks. And while he is still learning how to play confidently with other puppies at Puppy Play Group, he is nothing but confident when it comes to people, fun, and food!

Beatufil puppy Oscar enjoying his photography session at a Gold Coast beach.

We took the little tyke down to a quiet section of a Gold Coast beach. Somewhere with lots of room for him to run and dig in the sand, find random treasures and generally make a little mess of himself. Sand on a shiny black nose, so adorable.

Oscar loves people, and even more so, he loves cuddling people! Which made for a slight challenge. Why sit and look majestic when we can pounce on the photographer and get all the love we want? Good question, Oscar. Very good question.

Thankfully, with a bit of negation on pay, Oscar decided that this modeling gig might actually be worth it after all. A bit of chicken here, a bit of play there, with the occasional cuddle break in between and he was satisfied with his new working conditions.

He posed on the beach, above the dunes, in the brush and even at the park. Pups got skills.

I think everyone’s favourite part were the bubbles, however. A little cocker spaniel puppy, with crazy-happy zoomies, discovering bubbles for the first time, was absolutely precious. It also had the added bonus of tiring the little guy out completely. Score one for Mum! Time to go home and watch some Netflix.

Thank you for working with us Oscar. You’re a star.

Oscar the puppy photographed chasing bubbles at a Gold Coast park.
Profile photography of Oscar, young dog, on the Gold Coast.

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