Boo and Rosie 12-06-17

Boo and Rosie
June 12, 2017

Look at these two cuties. How can you not just fall in love with them right away?

Both Boo and Rosie are relatively new additions to Natalie's lovely family. Just one year before this photo shoot, Boo, the adorably fluffy Maltese cross, was a rescue. He came to Natalie as a timid, scared little pup who would wet himself at the slightest change in his environment. In the short time he's been living with Natalie and her family, however, he has come leaps and bounds. Or pounces? On the shoot he was a confident gentleman, even taking chicken off my assistant when his Mum was sure he wouldn't! Chicken is pretty powerful, to be sure, but he really was such a brave and happy boy.

Dogs, Boo and Rosie, posing together for their photography session in Brisbane.

His little sister, Rosie, is also a rescue. She's a cheeky little rocket, young and full of terrier energy. Natalie took Rosie's siblings into foster care at her home and both Boo and Rosie bonded immediately. With Boo's calm nature and Rosie's fast-paced outlook, they seem like an unlikely pair, but their connection is clear.

Natalie had one request for the photo session; she wanted a shot of Boo on a bridge to symbolise how far he'd come from the shy, scared dog he used to be to the calm and much-loved member of the family he now was. I kept this in mind while scouting for the perfect location.

Photography of a white dog, backlit in the Brisbane sunshine.

On the shoot they were both superstars. We started off on a small, sun-dappled bridge over a creek. No one was quite sure how well the two dogs would pose with each other. Turns out, the answer was perfectly, and we were able to capture the perfect photo for Natalie.

Pet dog posing on a rock for Tails Photography.

After the bridge, we moved into a small grove of pine trees, playing with the dappled light. By this stage, Boo and Rosie had it all figured out. "Look cute, get chicken. Got it!"

Next we popped over to a nearby pond and the duo worked their magic again. Seriously, were they models in a previous life?

Following the light, we headed up the hill, where Boo and Rosie initiated an impromptu play session with each other. Pouncing, play-bows, running - it was adorable to see them enjoying each other so much.

A little more modelling, a lot more chicken and it was a wrap. Well, we called it a wrap. Boo and Rosie both had other ideas. "More chicken!" There can never be enough chicken.

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