September 21, 2017

Clay, or Claybear as I like to call him, is one of two wonderful dogs owned by my close friends over at That Dog Geek and Beacon Dog Training .

He's fluffy, sweet, goofy as all get out, and phenomenally well trained. I guess it helps having awesome positive reinforcement trainers as parents!

Maddie and Tom, Clay's human parents, needed some photos of their wonderful boy to help with promotion of their businesses. Spend an afternoon in the sun with friends and an adorable Husky? Sign us up!

This photo session gave us a unique opportunity to work within Brisbane City itself. Southbank is a lovely location with city views, river backgrounds and, of course, the beautiful bougainvilleas. However, it can be hectic at the best of times and often overwhelming for dogs that aren't used to such busy environments. We always want you and your dogs to be comfortable and have fun at your photo shoot, so we don't always recommend locations quite as busy as this.

Clay, however, barely even noticed the happenings around him. His parents have put in an amazing amount of work, socialising and creating positive associations wherever they go, so their fluffy, goofball Husky was calm and relaxed throughout the session.

We had a great time playing with the bougainvilleas in bloom, the Wheel of Brisbane, the gardens and the city as a backdrop.

Toward the end of the shoot, the weather decided it had enough of cooperating and clouds stole the last of the afternoon light. Fortunately, this just meant we got to spend another fun-filled afternoon with friends, rounding out the photos and playing in the sun.

Check out That Dog Geek for free online, modern training information, and if you happen to be on the Gold Coast, I highly recommend Beacon Dog Training above all others.

- The Tails Team

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