End of Life Sessions

Gold Coast Pet Photography End of Life Sessions by Tails Photography

Having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. You grow with them, you teach them and they teach you even more in return. But their time with us in unfairly short. For creatures that seem so wise, they burn bright but fast. That's why Tails Photography prioritises end of life pet photography sessions. It's never too late to capture the love you share with your pet.

Jac and her pet staffy, Iggy, sharing kisses in a Gold Coast Park.

An end of life pet photography session is a way to celebrate your pets life. A way to give them, and you, a wonderful afternoon and ensure that you have special memories to keep always.

We will always endeavour to do our best to fit in these sessions on short notice.

As pet lovers and owners ourselves, we understand how important this is.
There is no extra charge for these special sessions and will often travel outside our usual range, to ensure the comfort of your pet and that you receive those precious pictures of your pet.

Please contact us and we will help guide you through this time. It's our privilege to do so.