There's a lot to know about dog and pet photography! So we thought we'd compile some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Do you have any experience with dogs?
Yes, I do! Apart from being a dog lover and owner myself, I work for one of the Gold Coast's biggest dog training schools. As a result of having worked with thousands of dogs in both my training and photography careers, I have a advanced knowledge of dog training and behaviour, providing me with the skills to communicate with your furry buddy and put him/her at ease.
Do you photograph other animals besides dogs?
Most definitely! We're happy to work with any animal. We love a challenge and we love spending time with any and all animals. Snakes, horses, guinea pigs, whatever they may be, we adore them all. Contact us to discuss your needs.
What I should I bring/wear to the shoot?
Comfortable clothing & shoes. Perhaps a water bottle and hat. Whatever you think you'll need to enjoy your time outside.
What should I bring for my dog/s?
A secure collar and leash. If it's a cold day, or your dog has joint problems, you may wish to bring him a mat to sit on in between photos, for his/her comfort. Feel free to bring any favourite toys along, although this is not at all necessary. We always have a water bowl on hand ourselves and plenty of toys to play with.
My dog can't be trusted off-leash. Can I still get photos?
Most definitely! If you don't feel comfortable having your dog off-leash, that's not a problem. We can edit away any trace of the leash. We also have a 15-meter leash so we can capture your pup running and playing freely while still keeping them safe.
Do I need to supply treats?
Not at all. We will supply the treats for your session. Usually in the form of roast chicken or lamb puff (dried lamb lung). If you pet/s have any allergies to these or other foods, please alert us before the shoot so we can provide an appropriate alternative.
Where will the shoot take place?
The shoot will take place at an agreed upon location/s by both Tails Photography, and you, the owner/s. If you have a meaningful location you'd like to have your session at, that's great! Or perhaps you'd like your photos to match in with your home decor? Not a problem! We have many great locations across South East Queensland to recommend. Contact us if you'd like to discuss shoot locations or are looking for recommendations.
What happens if it is raining/storming/too overcast at the time of my shoot?
In case of very bad weather, we always schedule a backup date with you at the time of your booking. However, with the addition of the Tails Outdoor Studio, we can now photograph in more varied conditions, making re-bookings less likely. It's great!
Can I bring my children?
Children are welcome, but we ask that there is another adult to supervise them during the shoot, or that they are of an age where they can be trusted to supervise themselves. We only ask this to assure that we can get the best photos possible of your furry family member, as distractions from the camera/photographer can detract from the end result.
Can I be in the photos with my dog?
Yes, of course! We'd love you to be in some photos with your pets. We love capturing that special bond between pet and owner. In fact, our favourite photos are the ones with you, your pets and your family.
Can I bring my other dog who isn't booked in for the same shoot?
Unfortunately, bringing additional dogs who aren't involved in the shoot itself can distract the main dog, and as a result, we prefer you only bring dogs who are actively participating in the shoot.
My dog hasn't done any training. Does that matter?
Not one bit. As both I and my assistant are dog trainers, we have a great deal of experience working with all types of dogs at all different skill levels. We can easily lure your pets into position to capture the photographic memories you desire. Besides, we want your pets to have fun and to capture their true personalities! Nothing says fun like a bit of doggy mischief.
My dog is reactive to other dogs/people. Can you still work with him/her?
Yes, we can. Part of our other job is working with fearful, reactive and sometimes aggressive dogs and we've had photography clients in the past with dogs that fall into these categories as well. We are more than happy to discuss your dog's needs and scout locations where he/she will feel comfortable and safe. With our understanding of body language and behaviour, we know how to help your dog relax and not feel threatened by us or the environment. If you have any questions or concerns about your dogs' suitability to be photographed, please don't hesitate to call us or email us. We're happy to talk through any of your concerns.
Do you do end of life photo sessions?
We have done several end of life sessions before, and while it's a bittersweet experience for us, we are always honoured to help you create special memories of your furry family member to always remember them by. We'll do our utmost to fit your session in as soon as possible and always work within your pet's limitations and needs, ensuring both you and they have a wonderful time. Don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your pets needs.
You say you also work as dog trainers. What training methods do you use?
We only use methods of positive reinforcement. That means no punishment-based training, only reward based. You'll notice our assistant delivering food, praise & play with accurate timing, to reward your pet/s for a polite sit, a cute head tilt or an adorable play bow.
Do you have any photographic training?
Yes, again! I have had a great interest in photography all my life and have also studied photography at Griffith College of Art, Southbank. I have previously worked as a wedding, portrait and jewellery photographer and also a professional retoucher. It seemed only natural to combine my love of photography with my love for animals.