Why Choose Us?

Why choose Tails Photography to capture your precious pet zest for life? Why, that's an exellent question!

Have a peek below and I'll show you why you won't regret your experience with us.

We're Great At What We Do
We have over tens years of professional, trained industry experience, including small product and commercial photography, wedding photography and portrait photography. And of course, pet photography. Not to mention years of professional retouching experience. We know our stuff!
We're The Home of the Tails Outdoor Studio
We were lucky enough to be the first pet photographers in South East Queensland to launch on-location outdoor studio lighting. What does that mean? I'm glad you asked! The Tails Outdoor Studio gives as a much wider range of control and creativity in our artwork. The subjects appear more vibrant, the backdrops more vivid. I can photograph in a much wider range of conditions, producing dramatic stormy images, cartoonish characters and beautiful sunsets. Before, only the subject or background could truly be the focus of the image. Now you don't have to choose! Combined with the use of natural lighting, your artwork will be uniquely special.
We Love And Understand Animals
Did you know we are also professional positive reinforcement trainers, with a keen interest and knowledge in dog body language and behavior? We can work with all personality types, including fearful and reactive dogs. This means we can get the photos no other photographers can. We are confident working with shy and reactive dogs, boisterous puppies or those old and more sensitive souls. We've worked with thousands of dogs over our career, and we've never met a dog we can't work with! This experience shines through in our photography. Our subjects never look stressed or scared. We understand them and make sure each and every pet has a great time!
We're Fun
We're out-going, positive, friendly and love working with people and their pets. We go out of our way to show our clients, human and animal alike, a wonderful time with us. You won't only have great photos, but great memories too.
Our Service Is Second To None
We pride ourselves on our great customer service. At the end of the day, we want to assure you are entirely satisfied with you experience and your art work. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are. Take a look at our testimonials to see for yourself.
We Don't Just Produce Photographs; We Produce Artwork
Whatever medium you're after, we provide it in the highest quality photographs and wall art options. Whether it's digital files to share with your friends and family, or a centre piece for your living room, you will have unique, one of a kind artwork to love for years to come.
Even Internationally Renowned Dog Trainers Recommend Us

Tails Photography knows their stuff. I’ve seen them successfully work with and relax dogs that most trainers and especially photographers, would have difficulty with. They possess a vast knowledge of dog behaviour, are incredibly empathetic and loving toward animals and their photography is just simply stunning.” - Maddie, owner/founder of That Dog Geek.